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Online Deal Posting Service

A service that generates quick sales! Hot deal platforms are places where lots of buyers visit regularly to buy products in bulk at a good discount. Lots of wholesale buyers are also folks around those hot deal platforms. We promote your products directly to those hungry buyers. We’re the most experienced deal posters who have helped hundreds of online store owners to generate tons sales via discount deals. With marketing experience of 12 years in eCommerce promotion, we are proud to say that we have helped many sellers generating 1000s of sales through online deal posting.

Let’s post your deals on Slickdeals hot deal, Hotukdeals, Redflagdeals, Mydealz, OZbargain and more. Our deal posting services cover USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands and more top marketplaces where hungry buyers are. Just shoot a message with your product link and deal details or chat with us via skype to discuss.

Who This Hot Deal Posting Service is Suitable for?

Store owners, online sellers on Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, eBay, Newegg, Bestbuy, Homedepot, Groupon, Rakuten and many more eCommerce owners can contact us to post their deals on those hot traffic plaforms using our service. Online deals are discounts offered against current price of a product. Common public, discount seekers, bulk buyers and resellers are constantly looking to buy products at a discounted price. They check deal portals every now and then to find their preferred product. Those are direct buyers. So, you can directly reach your potential customers using our promotional service.

Sales and traffic

From our experience, a hot deal can generate 1000s of sales in as short as 24 hours; empty your inventory just like magic. On the other hand if your product/offer is not attractive, or the market has no demand, you may not get expected sales. It all depends. While we always put every effort to make a great deal, not all deals perform the same. Some do very good, some are not. You have to accept whatever actions common deal viewers make on your deal. Once the deal is live we cannot control other visitors and the actions they take. We offer our service expecting every of our customers understand and accept the result after the deal post.
Frontpage and Popular deals (slickdeals)
A deal becomes popular when lots of people like it and frontpage when picked up by the editorial team. We may offer popular deals on case basis (Custom package, not offered here, you need to contact us for that) but that is strictly after thorough checking and discussions.

Hot Deal Features

maximize sales

A hot deal can help you sell your product very fast. Once sales and buyer's interaction starts it works like snowball effect. Good products sales well.

Makes lots of quick cash

Hot deals generate lots of hot money into your wallets. Imagine you have 1000 products in your inventory and your deal become hot. The inventory get finished just in hours!

Boost it traffic

Deals generate lots of traffic to your product within very shortly. It starts right after the deal goes live. And it continues till the interaction goes on.

Bring in new buyers

Deals bring new and regular retail and wholesale buyers. Your brand gets recognition through online deal publishing. If your product is good you may get long term customers. This builds up reputation.


Requirement for Amazon Products

(for other stores please contact us)

Slickdeals: Your seller’s feedback must be above 1k and preferably 50+ real reviews. Product reviews need to be made by real buyers, not fake or product exchange reviews.

Hotukdeals/Mydealz: Merchant must be accepted by Hotukdeals/Mydealz. You should confirm that your merchant and product is accepted by these platforms prior to order.

Redflagdeals: Please contact us with your product link and discount details. We prefer non-Amazon deals but Amazon deals also will be accepted on case by case basis.

We also have many other hot deal platforms to post your deals.

Feel free to contact us with your product link and deal details.

Frequently asked questions

You will contact us by clicking on the button given on site. Please provide us with your product link and discount details with proposed deal site to promote. We’ll check your product and request your to place order via paypal (only if your product found to be suitable for deal posting).

Price range from site to site. Our minimum price is $20 and maximum is $40 per deal, depending on deal platform you choose. For popular slickdeals, we have separate package. You need to discuss first.

When you contact us, please provide with your product link, discount details, current and after discount price.

Of course! If any deal gets removed within 4 hours of posting, we will refund in full, or we’ll request you to provide us another product to post. Usually if a deal lasts for an hour, it lasts for longer. No worries.

We make every effort to present an excellent deal. Please provide good products with big discount then regular market price. A deal may perform extremely well like 1000 sales in an hour or two (we have this experience), other deal may make only few sales. We cannot hold those buyers to buy your products. It is just like you advertise on Amazon or facebook. You or we cannot control the ad viewers, right? This is same as advertising.

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